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The Open with an asterisk?

July 18, 2008

There was a bunch of babble on the Golf Channel about whether the Open, playing this week, has been diminished by the absence of Tiger Woods. I’m amazed that garbage like this get any kind of serious discussion. The question was even being asked of competitors pre-game at Royal Birkdale to the point of asking if this years winner should have an asterisk beside his name because of Tiger’s absence.

If Tiger were playing and missed the cut would the feel the need to stop the tournament then and there?

This is the 137th playing of the Open and someone thinks Woods has redefined its history? Sergio Garcia summed it up nicely when he said that the Open is bigger than any individual player.

I guess if you desperately need to fill in television time you are driven to find controversy somewhere. Even in the strangest of places.

A better story is Rocco Mediate in a tie for the lead after the first day of competition. Now there would be one hell of a story: Rocco, fresh from his epic battle with Woods at the US Open winning the Open at Royal Birkdale. Unfortunately it’s only day one with a lot of golf under tough conditions to go. Still it’s nice to see him there.