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April 25, 2008


We are traveling at the moment. Currently we are overnighting in Gallup, New Mexico on our way back west from Santa Fe. We traveled down through Utah and across northern Arizona, simply enjoying the spectacular countryside.

Although this is not a golfing trip, I am carrying my clubs particularly because I wanted to golf the Pinon Hills municipal golf course in Farmington, New Mexico. I have wanted to play that particular course for a decade or better and sometimes what you wish does come true. Great course and it lived up to my expectations.

One thing that I have found interesting on this trip is how in such a short time period almost all of the hotels we have checked have free Internet. It was not that long ago that if there was Internet available there was a fee charged for its use. It’s not surprising that it has happened, just that the hotels have adjusted their policy so quickly.

Not that it has done me much good. Most of the hotels we hit had WiFi rather than hardwired units and although my laptop worked fine at the beginning, all of a sudden it got temperamental and wouldn’t connect any more regardless of the fact that it was seeing strong signals. It seemed that there should have been a logical solution to the problem, but damned if I could find it.

Fortunately I haven’t had to go cold turkey as all of the hotels have had in-house computers that are available for use, also for free. Not entirely satisfactory but better than total abstinence.

Unfortunately it has been detrimental to any blogging activities.