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Being legislated by fools

April 13, 2010

I read about Ruby Dhalla’s proposed legislation before I left for Arizona in February, and then it dropped beneath my radar. But now Peter Worthington has written a column commenting on it – and with good reason – ripping it apart.

Periodically, a private member’s bill is introduced in Parliament that is so foolish and illogical it has no chance, yet because it’s so asinine rational folk fear it might pass.

Such a bill is C-428, proposed by Ruby Dhalla (of alleged harassed nannies fame), Liberal MP for Brampton. She would reduce from 10 years to three the time an elderly immigrant would have to wait to claim Old Age Security (OAS) or Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS).

Dhalla’s audacious bill can be justified in that she represents a riding replete with many of East Indian origin who’d love to bring aging kinfolk to Canada to reap old age benefits after three years.

Distressing to some is that Bob Rae seconded Ruby’s outrageous bill and gave it instant credibility it didn’t deserve. The ever-preppy turncoat NDP provincial premier now has his eye on being federal Liberal leader and springboarding to the prime ministership.

Rae’s ambitions never fade. He’s the one most likely to inherit Michael Ignatieff’s job, should Iggy get bored with Liberals, or the Liberal Party gets fed up with him. Rae may yet get a chance to do to Canada what he did to Ontario as its premier.

In any event, Dhalla’s bill to reduce the eligibility wait for OAS entitlement from 10 to three years will escalate costs and reduce the amount pensioners should receive. Already, the system is hard-pressed to prevent old gaffers from actually losing ground as the economy struggles and baby boomers grow older.

This just brings to the forefront the fact that we have too many elected idiots in Ottawa who are only concerned with pandering to their electorate in order to get re-elected and who appear to be totally oblivious to the ramifications of their self-centered actions.

That appears to be one of the major problems with our system: In good faith you elect people to parliament with the hope that they will contribute to running the country in an intelligent manner and then they spend the next four years playing games in the hope that they will get re-elected.

Then again maybe I am giving Dhalla too much credit in believing that she is a clever but cynical politician  who is simply taking care of her own business. Maybe she is really dumb enough that she actually thinks that her proposed bill has merit.

I think this just proves an earlier point I made, that Harper’s proroguing of parliament was a good thing. If they’re not in the House, they’re limited to how much they can screw up the country.