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Swaying like Elm trees

June 6, 2009

A community meeting was recently held in Regina to discuss the pros and cons of nuclear energy in Saskatchewan. Of course there were those for and those against. At least some of the ‘against’ were from the flaky side of the room.

Prior to the community meeting held in the auditorium at Western Christian College, about 40 people gathered on a patch of grass and joined hands in a circle.

Swaying and alternately moving forward and back and side-to-side, they performed “The Elm Dance,” which organizers described as being “in solidarity with those around the world who have been and are being harmed by uranium mining and nuclear power generation.”

A friend of mine who was involved in the uranium industry went through these discussion in B.C. a goodly number of years ago and from some of the meetings he attended began referring to the province as ‘California North’, which was not in any shape or form meant as a compliment.

Apparently some of that philosphy has drifted east to staid and conservative Saskatchewan. California Northeast?

Thanks to Small Dead Animals for the ponter.