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Happy New Year: We can only hope!

January 1, 2009

To all of you who wander by this site from time to time, I wish you all the best in the coming year.

We can only hope that the economy finally stabilizes and starts a steady upward climb. It may be overly optimistic, but 2008 did end on a bit of an upturn. Maybe that’s an omen.

It would be nice to see the federal gun registration disappear off the books. I think the government could really make it happen if it was a priority for them. But unfortunately that doesn’t seem to be the case. We get lip service, but no serious action. Actually, the Federal Firearms Act needs to be completely re-written with the intent of making it more friendly to law-abiding gun owners, but unless we can get someone sympathetic to the issue, whether a senior bureaucrat or a highly ranked politician with the balls to push for an intelligent review of the current mess, that is unlikely to happen.

Will 2009 be the year when the media finally figures out the animal rights movement and quits pimping their message? Probably not, but you would think that there would come a time.

Is this winter the turning point for the global warming religion? As much as I would rather see some global warming rather than a cooling phase it might be worth it to hear the sound of silence coming from the “settled science” group. (Which takes me to a pet peeve of mine – if it’s settled it’s not science).

And of course – World Peace. No danger of that coming to be, but if that was ever to happen I can’t imagine the amount of Britney Spears stories we would have to endure on TV.

At best we can wish for the simple things. Good health and happiness in our lives. I wish that for you all. Oh, plus an improved golf game for me.