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Ryder Cup 2010: Great theatre

October 8, 2010

The 2010 Ryder Cup finished a day late (Monday) due to weather delays on the first day, but the conclusion was well worth watching.

Unfortunately, as in every sporting event there has to be a winner and a loser. In this case the winner was the European team, but it came down to the last group of the final day to determine that fact.

It was a big moment for Graeme McDowell who won his match against Hunter Mahan on the 17th hole, giving the Europeans 14 1/2 points to the USA team’s 14 points. A great year for McDowell, having won the US Open earlier in the year and then wrapping up the Ryder Cup for his team.

I did bleed a bit for Hunter Mahan who was short with his shot into the 17th green and then muffed his chip on his next shot to lose the hole and the match. My first thought was that the press would brand him as the goat for this Ryder Cup, although from what I’ve seen that didn’t happen.

I’m sure that Mahan will relive that chip in his mind for a long time: that’s golf. The pressure was intense and shit happens in this game. But the reality was that Mahan was 2 down at that point and needed to win the last two holes just to get a half on his match (which would have left the cup in the hands of the US team). All McDowell had to do was win or tie one of the last two. Which probably didn’t feel that easy to him at the time, knowing what was at stake.

I was pleased to see Tiger Woods playing well, especially on the final day in his singles match. Maybe he is ready to put his personal problems behind him and return to his old form. But I must admit that I am amazed by the anger that some people I have talked exhibit when Woods’ name comes up. Almost an visceral reaction.

There were some great performances by a number of players on both teams and some disappointments for others.

Now they can start thinking about doing it all over again in two year’s time.