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What has the Gun Law Wrought?

May 19, 2010

The Canadian Shooting Sports Association (CSSA) recently did a poll amongst gun owners regarding their perception of law enforcement.

The poll is still in process, but the results as of a few days ago are as follows:

1. As a legal firearms owner, who are you more afraid of? Police or Criminals?
Police    – 63.9%
Criminals – 36.1%

2. Since the implementation of the Firearms Act, do you still trust Canada’s police?
Yes –  25.7%
No   – 74.3%

3. Do you believe the Police Associations represent their member’s views regarding firearms issues?
Yes –   5.5%
No  – 94.5%

4. Do you believe the Police Associations are misrepresenting the facts regarding Canada’s long gun registry?
Yes – 96.7%
No  –   3.3%

5. Do you believe Police Associations should be involved in the creation of laws?
Yes – 12.1%
No  – 87.9%

6. Do you believe Police target firearms owners?
Yes – 83.3%
No  – 16.7%

7. Do you personally know someone unjustly charged with a firearms offense?
Yes – 46.3%
No  – 53.7%

Granted, the majority of the people answering this poll are probably those who are more active in the firearm community and have a deeper understanding of the issues. Regardless, the figures are staggering.

Now maybe the police don’t give a rat’s hind end whether they are mistrusted or not, but it seems to me that it is a sad state of affairs when a core group of citizens have been alienated to that extent.