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For the love of custom guns (2)

March 1, 2008

To continue: The 3rd gun I had Pete Grisel build was a .17 Remington on a small Sako action.

I had never thought much about the .17 calibre at that time, but Pete was an enthusiast and got me thinking that I probably needed one in my gun cabinet.

It is a sweet little gun. Very accurate, with the only drawback being that it does shift its zero from time to time. That means that you have to check it out on the range prior to taking it into the field.

I found the .17 to be an excellent coyote rifle which was an instant killer with very minimal hide damage. No big exit holes to repair on the hide. In fact I don’t think I ever had an exit hole. The bullet literally exploded internally.

It is a fun rifle to shoot as well with virtually no recoil and a very sharp but short report.

Again, a few views: