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Airport Security: More on professionalism and confidentiality

November 19, 2010

Although this story dates back to 2008 and is (I would hope) an extreme case, it indicates the problems inherent in the screening process.

The incident occurred during the spring of 2008 at Corpus Christi airport, and has (shockingly!) prompted legal action on the part of the victim. And yes, she was a victim: “As the TSA agent was frisking plaintiff, the agent pulled the plaintiff’s blouse completely down, exposing plaintiffs’ breasts to everyone in the area,” say lawsuit documents. “As would be expected, plaintiff was extremely embarrassed and humiliated.”

The woman, highly upset, proceeded to leave the screening area to collect herself. You know, after forcibly going topless in the middle of airport security. And when she came back? A display of class about on par with a fraternity basement at 2 am: “One male TSA employee expressed to the plaintiff that he wished he would have been there when she came through the first time and that ‘he would just have to watch the video.'”

I haven’t heard of anything like this happening in Canadian airports and would be surprised if anything that over the top would ever occur. But it doesn’t do anything to reassure the traveling public.

Thanks to Instapundit for the pointer.