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Tips on flying: Which many need

December 19, 2010

With so many people flying this time of the year, it might be a good idea if they were sent this 1o point etiquette list when they purchase their ticket. Peruse it at your leisure, but I particularly liked these two.

No Hand Stands
Don’t use the seat in front of you to pull yourself up out of yours. For the person in that seat, it’s a violent experience. To stand, turn your body and use your armrests to push yourself up. Do the same when sitting down. It’s really not that hard and you’ll avoid a pair of angry eyes glaring back at you from between the seats.

Decline To Recline
How do you like it when the person in front of you abruptly reclines their seat all the way without informing you, sending hot coffee into your lap or crushing your laptop? Probably not much, so be courteous and let the person behind you know you’re reclining, or at least do it slowly. And when it’s meal-time, put your seat up so they can eat without their face being in the food. On charter flights, where legroom is minimal, consider not reclining your seat at all.

Me? I’m not flying this Christmas. That’s like having another gift under the tree.