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Are the Olympics over yet?

January 15, 2010

The other day, one of the media news stories was how some residents of Vancouver actually live on “Olympic” Street (or Avenue). Must have been a very, very, slow news day.

Let’s rev up the excitement!


File Under Irony:Whistler wetlands converted to a parking lot for green buses

July 22, 2009

One of the big hypes for the 2010 Olympics has been how green they will be and one of the green programs that the government is showcasing is a fleet of hydrogen powered buses to be used in the Whistler area..

Sounds like a good idea and great publicity for B.C.’s hosting of the winter Olympics.

But BC Transit needed a place where they could park these green icons of transportation in order to show them off to the world. So where was the site that was chosen to build this parking area?  How about a red listed wetland area.

Hard to believe but in their zeal to show how enviromentally sensitive they were, a provincial crown corporation destroyed a sensitive wetland in order to build a parking lot to house hydrogen powered buses.

Does that not define irony?