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The Big Book of Irony

August 6, 2009

I was recently browsing the discount tables at Chapters (I’m addicted to $4.95 hardcover books) and came across a little book titled The Big Book of Irony by Jon Winokur (Canadian cover price of $24.95. How can you resist?)

A book on irony seemed too good to pass up so I dropped my money on the counter and headed home with my new reading material.

Inside I found this wonderful little poem by Samuel Hoffenstein.

Your little hands
Your little feet
Your little mouth –
Oh, God, how sweet!
Your little nose
Your little ears
Your eyes, that shed
Such little tears!
Your little voice
So soft and kind
Your little soul
Your little mind!

Worth the $4.95 right there.


T’was the Night Before Christmas…

December 25, 2008

The Wednesday, December 24th cartoon by Graham Harrop in the Vancouver Sun begins:

T’was the night before Christmas
And what did I see
The pine beetles had eaten
My Christmas tree.

Pretty cute. The rest here.

A POEM (About peace and maybe not)

August 19, 2008


Everybody calls for peace
Loud in song and story
Come on home, lay down your arms
For your country’s love and glory

Trust the world to do the same
Despots and dictators
Do the right thing by your people
Better now than later

Hold a vote, give up your tenure
It’s only power lost
Take your place in history’s tomes
Never mind your cost

Oh naïve singers, peaceful poets
Close the violent door
Lay your weapons by the altar
Better slaves than war

Should they decline this righteous path
Thrive and prosper on disaster
Cross the borders, rape and murder
Give us leave to kill the bastards