Daylight Saving Time: Eliminate!

I hate DST. At least in the fall when we jump back an hour and we lose an hour of afternoon light.

I always understood that the practice came into effect to help farmers who got up early and needed the extra morning light. But then they invented electric lights, so what’s the big deal.

Now it’s still dark in the morning and dark an hour earlier in the afternoon. It’s depressing.

Saskatchewan doesn’t change anymore and it’s farm country, so what do they know that we don’t?

Can we have a referendum on this?


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2 Responses to “Daylight Saving Time: Eliminate!”

  1. slamdunk Says:

    I am not a big fan of it either.

  2. Robert Latimer: Justice gone awry « Totalrecoil Says:

    […] Doctor gave potassium chloride to a dying patient who was suffering intractable pain. 1990 – Unidentified city in Quebec, possibly Quebec City – Unidentified doctor gave potassium chloride injection to dying patient who was suffering intractable pain Charge: None (president of Quebec College of Physicians defended doctor’s action and Quebec Minister of Justice decided against laying charges) Reference: “Euthanasia: Quebec considering charges for MD’s role in AIDS death” Ottawa Citizen, June 20 1992, Page A3 […]

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