Why dumb and useless laws get passed

I have written on occasion about stupid laws, many most of which are written to show that something is being done to solve some perceived problem, regardless of effectiveness or even common sense.

Now an article by Joseph Brean in the National Post does some analysis as to why this happens.

If a skeptic was to wonder why Canadian authorities seem to respond to every tragedy by proposing intrusive new rules that can have impacts far beyond the problems they purport to be addressing, Frank Furedi has the answer: Canada has a cultural “addiction to rule-making.”

It is a world leader in the “intrusification” of everyday life, says Mr. Furedi, a sociologist who likens the impulse to using rules like religion to bring solace from grief and fear. “Every time a child dies, somebody will say — either the police or the coroner or a lawyer — that the lessons must be learned,” said Mr. Furedi, a professor at the University of Kent and author of The Politics of Fear. “We cannot just accept that this was a death. We’ve got to give that death meaning, and the way to give it meaning is to pass a law.”

The article then goes on to detail a number of examples, the latest being Ontario’s new legislation to instate a zero tolerance rule for alcohol in the system which will apply to any drivers under the age of 22. (My initial thought on this one was that it would be unconstitutional when applied to a specific group within society. There has already been a suit filed in that respect, although the provincial government feels that they are on solid footing.)

The article doesn’t even get to the federal gun legislation that was shoved down Canadian’s throats directly due to the murders at Ecole Polythechnique murders of 14 female engineering students in 1989.

Mr. Furedi makes a few other pointed comments:

Modern safety regulations, like witchcraft or divine retribution, are based on a faulty premise about who is responsible for stuff happening, and what can be done about it. Like religion, they are an effort to bring meaning to a cruel and random universe.

“They think their job is to save people from themselves,” he said of politicians who promote rules designed to send social messages, and that this reveals their “contempt” for “people who cannot be relied on to manage their everyday existence.”
Now if only our politicians, both provincial and federal, would take it to heart.

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2 Responses to “Why dumb and useless laws get passed”

  1. Anne Fox Says:

    The fact is that the forensic review of deathes is a necesary evil. The act of intrussion where a child has died at least must be cause for concern. In Alberta we virtually have no forensics. Everything is handed off and we have Police Forces in our two major cities which create suspicious death claims regularly. Sevral bodies have been found in circumstances which should dictate an autopsey effectively performed but the state of the art here is extremely minimal exam based on the importance and priority placed on the dead individual. In cases where the owner of the body is both poor and Aboriginal the authorities do not make a full examination of the remains. No toxicology studies, no actual full exam of the remains is done. The matter is mislabelled as an undecided issue. Homicides require resources to investigate and we asign none here. The suspicious death toll of course saves tax payers money and the Edmonton Police Services embarrassment since the same organized crime groups and drug gangs are resposible for the deathes. The human tafficking groups which actually operate in co-operation with the Children’s Services Delegates and networks here also have a frree reign. Shaken baby syndrome in a three and a half year old child. Murder by fake sahaken baby syndrome is a growing bu=siness here. The Crisis Unit asigns custody to any croiminal available then they have the child held hostage. Often they need an excuse to kill the hostage. That’s where the fake shaken baby syndrome claims come in to play. The child was actually beaten to death but no one is going to admit it. The amount of force which it would take to shake a toddler to death is extreme. Two year olds and older babys are fair sized. They have to be attacked with some force to die of a brain injury. Often the attacks are repeated. They are generally done in the care of the province then glossed over. In our last inquiry the Justice had an absurd and horrible idea. She said have the child X-rayed upon entry into care as if the children’s services delegate would naturally have no idea whether the child required medical exam for injury prior to the later murder in care. Of course they don’t investoiagte these matters and I believe the Justice may have simply been taking a swipe at them, but this is absurd. There is no law aginst investigating prior to aprehension, but you couldn’t really traffick children out of the Crisis Unit that way. Of course the Police couldn’t make a mint at real estate speculation with their partners in crime at the civil courts either when people lose their hoomes trying to defend aginst false accusations in civil court. They have a thriving bussiness and they use fake Emergency Protection Orders too. One of their Organized crime friends actually was stealing morphine and tylenol 4 at the University Hospital and running a meth lab at her boyfriend’s house. Believe it or not the Edmonton Police Service refused to investoigate when he complained that she and two of her gang banger frinds intended to kill him. He was forced to file for Emergency Protection Orders. Those are not investigated either. She finally bought his house out from under him. In the end they all ended up dead in the meth lab explosion that took out a city block in Edmonton. The Police deamanded that the Fire Department and gas company stand down then they took over. The cover up ended with a no evidense here claim and a blaming of the four deathes on a domestic violense dispute. Of course, The lab tech had a job as a Union Rep for the AUPE a crooked Alberta Union and they seemed all smiles after her death. Organised crime has us pretty well infiltrated. No real estate gain or turnover on that block. The ones churnoing Real Estate for profit in the Police Services are unlikely to make a cent off the development here, tough luck. They seemed a little silly running in there to tell everybody to back off too. I wonder if they checked for that nasty anhydrous, that makes a big Kaboom in a meth lab of any size.

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