2010 Open: Humbled and eating crow

As I recall, I made the bold prediction that Louis Oosthuizen would fade on Sunday and allow some other (possibly more Major tested) golfer to claim the Open championship. If I had been betting on my prediction, Oosthuizen would have cost me money two days in a row. Which just goes to show you why I stay away from casinos and other venues that allow you to put down your money and take your chances

Far from fading, Oosthuizen played steady golf all day, shooting a 1-under par 71 to close out his nearest competitor, Lee Westwood by 7 strokes.

Paul Casey, 4 strokes behind at the start of the day could not make the putts drop and after a disastrous triple bogey on the 12th, shot a 75 and faded into a tie for 3rd place. I had really expected Casey to post a score on the final day, but seeing how the South African played, Casey would have had to shoot a 65 just to play his way into a tie.

Nobody gave Oosthuizen the Claret Jug: He claimed it fair and square.

Also tied for 3rd was Rory McIlroy who shot a brilliant 63 on Thursday, then blew to an 80 on Friday and steadied back down to record a 69 and a 68 on the weekend. What could have been! Nevertheless, a solid recovery and no doubt a learning experience. As was noted on the Golf Channel, McIlroy still hasn’t shot a score in the 70s at St. Andrews. Unfortunately he did shoot an 80.

The end result on Sunday was that it was not a very exciting day of golf to watch, with Oosthuizen playing solid ‘hold them off’ golf and no-one near enough to the top of the leaderboard posting a charge to even threaten for the title.

Now the question is whether Oosthuizen will build on this win to become a regular contender on the golf scene or whether he will slowly slip back into obscurity, living with memories of his brief burst of fame and fortune.


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