One more annoying B.C. HST example and you gotta love the Green Tax.

In my posting about the B.C. HST which came into effect on July 1st, I neglected to mention the most egregious attack on my personal lifestyle. A large cappuccino at Tim Horton’s went from $1.92 to $2.05. This could add up to a lot of money over my remaining years.

This is almost as bad as the Green Tax on gasoline that the provincial government stuck us with back in 2008. (Well in time I’ll probably get used to the extra $0.13 on my cappuccino but the gasoline tax I won’t forget or forgive as it rises to an additional $0.07 per gallon by 2012).

Actually, on July 1st we also got a $0.0112 rise in gas a BC pumps. We are now paying an additional $0.0445 for gas in this province thanks to the Campbell government’s green tax initiative. The gift that keeps on giving.

Just another government tax grab as far as I’m concerned.

(I was going to post this under ‘humour’ as well, but then I got into the gasoline tax business and found that my amusement factor had zeroed out).


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2 Responses to “One more annoying B.C. HST example and you gotta love the Green Tax.”

  1. Gary Mauser Says:


    You are beginning to understand. Taxes are supposed to ‘motivate’ you to do what the government wants: drink less [both booze and coffee], drive less, and all the other politically correct stuff the Liberals want you to do.

    Oh, and of course they raise money. But only from ‘sinners’ who persist in doing the ‘bad’ things that government wants us to stop.

    Now, kwitcherbitchin and stop being a sinner!

    • totalrecoil Says:

      That’s all true. If they can’t stop you from doing what they think is unacceptable behaviour, they will tax the activity to at least discourage you (and as you say, put some money in the government coffers at the same time). It was ever thus. Anyway, it’s too late for me to reform.

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