Surprising news: Bad guys do bad things

It was a great plan.

To stop the wrong people from obtaining firearms and ammunition it was writ in law that a citizen would have to be vetted by the government in order to qualify for ownership; specifically through obtaining a Possession and Acquisition License (PAL). This would ensure that only those anointed by the bureaucracy, through testing and background checks, would obtain the government-given right to own and use guns.

Unfortunately it didn’t work out that way, although the powers that be assiduously worked to keep the general public safe from gun violence by confiscating guns of hunters, target shooters and collectors and dragging their owners into court based (in many cases) on police and crown prosecutors’ flexible definitions of what constituted safe storage under the law.

All the while gang-bangers and drug dealers seemed to manage to stay armed regardless of the laws of the land. And when the courts formally banned them from gun ownership they simply went back out on the streets, defied the law and got more guns. No doubt because (after all) they are criminals and their way of life is based on breaking the law.

Now you would think that this would be obvious to everyone, particularly the police, who deal with the unlawful segment of our population of a frequent basis. However a recent discovery seems to have caused them some consternation.

Six people have been charged with operating a forgery ring that has stolen hundreds of identities.

Police and RCMP searched a home in downtown Edmonton and discovered counterfeiting equipment, along with hundreds of forged documents and cards. A sword disguised as a walking cane was the sole weapon found in the home.

One man was allegedly in the midst of forging firearms possession and acquisition cards when police arrived. Cpl. Julie Macfarlane-Smith, of the Edmonton commercial crime section, said such forged documents could enable the unauthorized purchase of guns and ammunition.

The police spokesperson seemed a bit taken aback by the brazenness of it all.

Cpl. Julie Macfarlane-Smith of the RCMP’s commercial crimes section said she’s never seen forged firearms licences before.

“It’s quite a process to receive (a legal) one,” she said, “and to think it’s a matter of changing a face and the accompanying data (on a licence) so someone can say, this is who I am and I’m here to buy a firearm or some ammunition, it’s seriously a concern.”

Sources close to Edmonton’s gangs have said guns are easy to obtain, but bullets are scarce on the street. The reason, they say, is because you need a licence to buy ammunition from a retailer.

They suggest that if bullets were more accessible, there’d be a lot more shootings in the city.

If criminals can get their hands on forged licences, McGowan said, “it’s particularly worrisome. What are we going to do next if there’s any prevalence of this?”

Indeed. What are we going to do?

I suppose we could pass more laws to make the point that it’s really, really bad to forge documents or obtain guns illegally. Or even reiterate that stealing is really, really frowned upon by society.

But I suspect it wouldn’t make a lot of difference one way or the other.

It’s not as though these particular bad guys were just concentrating on firearm licenses.

They found hundreds of stolen and forged pieces of I.D., including bank documents, credit cards, driver’s licences, birth certificates, Canadian citizenship papers, Treaty and Metis cards and company I.D. cards. They also seized computer equipment and software to print counterfeit cash….

After all, if you can manufacture driving licenses, birth certificates and citizenship papers, firearm Possession and Acquisition Licences are just another run on the production line.

All of which goes to the truth that if you pass a law limiting access to a product or even banning it outright, most people will try and comply even if they strongly disagree with its premise.

But if there is a market for that product and money to be made, clever people who don’t give a damn about the law or the rules will find some innovative and of course illegal way to bypass the system.

And in the meantime politicians will look to pass more laws to do the work that their old laws failed to do and the police will continue to do photo-ops of the “arsenals” that they have confiscated from the homes of those the bureaucracy, through their laws and regulations, has arbitrarily designated as criminals.

And somewhere, in a basement possibly near to you, a printing press is rolling.


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17 Responses to “Surprising news: Bad guys do bad things”

  1. victoria Says:

    No matter what, every man or woman that buys a firearm, should always have background checks ran on them. There shouldn’t even be a question about it.. Unless we want bad guys to do bad things.

  2. Gary Mauser Says:

    I agree with Victoria that background checks should always be conducted on firearm owners. That is, criminal record checks. Nothing more.

    Criminal record checks would not keep bad guys from doing bad things, as she says, but it would keep known criminals from buying guns legally.

    IMHO, laws should be kept minimal if they are to be efficient as well as effective. Licensing, registration, waiting periods, safe storage regulations are all superfluous and ineffective. They are mere placebos for politicians and the public.

  3. Kevin Says:

    Hold it. I think we are missing the Big Picture here.
    They were making fake treaty cards? So, Not only are they ripping off the shop illegally buying Firearms and ammunition … they are not paying tax! This has to Stop! It’s bad enough these guys are breaking the law but not giving the Government their rightful several layers of tax , well that is … well….unforgivable. The Gov’t deserves that money.
    Who do these people think they are!

  4. Anne Fox Says:

    Are you kidding. These guys are actually running more than one scam pal. They use the fake cards to pretend to be Aboriginal and then to inflitrate programs which are intended for Aboriginal people. In some cases the action includes the ability to get into fake diversion programs or to get at children to traffick. In other cases it involves voting and creating crooked political attacks on Aboriginal services. People get jobs through the service networks and health care. The treaty cards are kind of an all in one Alberta Health Care, Employment Services, voting rights in some cases on some important issues about land usage. The Metis cards are used for several of the same types of purposes. Of course you know these people are oprating with Edmonton Police Services Co-operation. Some of them are related to Police Members and I actually believe that soem of the EPS Members use fake cards themselves. We have a lot of organized crime here pals. Sorry no-one gets arrested for it but we got a lot of denial too. Some of the people makinh money off this racket are in government as well. Fraser Investments portfolios has James Morton brother of Ted Morton. They operate several of our investments from the Heritage Trust Fund among others. The privatisation bid and health care shake up has to be negotaited with Aboriginal pepople and the Registrar refuses cards to real Indians and Metis while the fake ones get in for the votes and ellections. They also are linked to a shady real estate investment firm. They are churning real estate while we sleep in the several areas where we are redistributing counties and removing the rights of small towns a turnover can net big. In addition the false accusation of mental illness in elders through the abuse at the hospitals and fake assesements can permit the nastier adult children to get control of the esates of the elders or of the mentally ill or disabled adults and sell it out from under them. Real Estate Investors love this stuff. Do you suppose Ted Morton as our Finace Minsiter refuses to have any regulation of our markets for a reason. Could it be that the wild west would be a little better regulated and some value added in these deals. How about Alison Redford, she is crooked, she is the one who set up all the fake programs at the civil courts. I could go on and on but I have to wait until the next pop-up on the international horizon for our Foreign Affairs connected Attourney General. Did You Know that In the last couple of years they organised the sale of 6 billion worth of our oil to the United Arab Emerates and to the South Koreans. I don’t know how much gas got sold to Apache ( American…Mostly) We are soon to be foreign owned. Try to get labour standards regulation then…and the hits just keep on coming. See you at the next Moamar Gdaffy inspired Town Hall meeting for a very little direct democracy and some misinformation. I hope we don’t get attacked by Yakuza Style agents provocateurs agin that can be so off-putting don’t you think?

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