To Serve and Protect

A story out of New Hampshire, where police raided a store and confiscated all of the owner’s knife inventory based on their interpretation of what was a legal knife. The owner subsequently got his property back (partially, and therein lies the story) and the State laws got changed to prevent the same thing from happening again.

Abe Foote of Abe’s Awesome Armaments in New Hampton, NH, who was an unfairly prosecuted victim of New Hampshire’s former restrictions on switchblade sales, was reunited on Wednesday with some of the knives the police had seized.

Unfortunately, approximately one third of the knives seized by the police remain unaccounted for, having disappeared from the evidence room. An internal investigation has been launched by the County Prosecutor. Knife Rights attorney and Freedom’s Point award winner Evan Nappen got the court order for the knives’ return.

One-third of the guy’s property disappeared from the police evidence room! It would appear that there are some police officers in New Hampton who have brand new knives to play with.

Stories like this really lower the level of trust between the citizenry and the police.

It would be easy to write it off as an aberration,  but I have been told by different people who had police raid their homes that items disappeared in the process. A hard thing to prove though, as they don’t inventory the stuff before they haul it out the door.

Regardless, it would be interesting to hear the outcome of the New Hampshire investigation and see if anyone is eventually held to account for the knives purloined from the security of the police evidence room. But I wouldn’t hold my breath.


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