Breaking News: They cheat at bounties

It seem that people may be shooting coyotes in Alberta and collecting the bounty in Saskatchewan.

Conservationists say offering a bounty on animals inevitably leads to mass killings of the kind that resulted in the death of 37 coyotes whose carcasses were found in an Alberta park last week.

The carcasses were found with their paws cut off near Cypress Hills Provincial Park, which straddles the Alberta-Saskatchewan border and is about 80 kilometres southeast of Medicine Hat, Alta.

Alberta wildlife officials say the paws were likely taken to Saskatchewan, which had been offering a $20 bounty for every coyote killed to control the population and its livestock prey. Authorities suspect the culprits tried to pass the paws off as having come from coyotes killed in Saskatchewan.

But then it’s not like this has never been done before.

Of course, I am shocked. Totally shocked. Shocked that they obviously didn’t expect this to happen.


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One Response to “Breaking News: They cheat at bounties”

  1. JW Says:

    “How could this logical consequence possibly have happened?”

    Thanks for this post and particularly for “Coyote Bounties: It’s All Political.” I noticed that the same Saskatchewan government webpage which outlines long-term strategies for livestock protection also points out that removing the tail, instead of the paws, would reduce the market value of the pelt. Electric fences are more of a footnote. That’s certainly how both provincial governments present it, and the repercussions of the illegal cull if the perpetrator is caught (a littering fine) kind of showcase the magnitude of the problem. Mixed priorities. Bad logic.

    We’re talking, but they ain’t listening.

    I looked for hunters’ opinions on the bounty. Quite a few of them saw this coming, more or less. To quote a member of the forums, 11-10-2009:

    “I see a lot of guys trespassing, hunting in fields they don’t have permission to be in chasing coyotes with trucks and ski-do’s shooting them, taking the feet and leaving the rest.

    “Let’s have a knee-jerk reaction, we are government and we are doing something, see what we are doing. I give it until January and there will be farmers on CBC Sask complaining hunters are trespassing and not asking permission.

    “Failing to plan is planning to fail. SK government did not plan.”

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