Magic Jack: My new favourite thing

Usually when I travel into the U.S. we buy a phone card or two and use them for any long distance calls we need to make. However prior to my latest trip south I was told about the Magic Jack, which I initially thought was too good to be true.

The deal was that you bought the Magic Jack for just under 40 bucks and set it up on your computer. Then you subscribed for $10 to their service for a year. Plug the phone into the Magic Jack unit and the unit into your phone and you can dial out  to any phone number in the USA or Canada with no further costs. Plus they issue you a phone number with the area code of your choice.

I bought it. I set it up. I connected my phone. And it works like a damn.

The only problem I encountered was that they couldn’t supply my 250 area code and I had to take a 604 code. A minor inconvenience and one I hope to be able to rectify in the future.

Now when I travel, I will just take along my netbook, the magic Jack unit and a phone set and I can make calls (local or long distance) as long as I can get computer service.

As I have said before: Ain’t technology wonderful.


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3 Responses to “Magic Jack: My new favourite thing”

  1. Gary Mauser Says:

    Thanks for the tip. I’ll check it out.

  2. Jamie Schwartz Says:

    I bought a magicJack a few weeks ago. The only problem I had is that I couldn’t block anonymous calls and there was no call waiting caller id.

    Luckily, I did a “Google” search and found the Magicfeatures plugin. The setup is working out fine for me now.

  3. YLN Says:

    And yet, no calls. 😉 Where does the world find you Unc? Are you still in Phoenix, or back in Kelowna?

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