Proroguing Parliament

The media seems to have its collective shirttail in a knot over PM Steven Harper proroguing parliament until after the Olympics. Parliament will reconvene with a Throne Speech on March 3rd.

From some of the commentators’ bleating, you would think that democracy has been destroyed and the world as we know it has come to an end.

The Globe and Mail calls it a clever travesty. But can a travesty be clever? If it is a travesty, wouldn’t it be damaging? Apparently not: It is a clever travesty. This needs to be further  puzzled upon.

My take is that it is a good move, for two reasons.

1. All kinds of groups are going to use the Olympic time period as a venue to get their individual causes recognized in the international media and will do their best to try and embarrass both the B.C. provincial and the federal governments. It will be far better if parliament is not in house at the time to assist in the feeding frenzy.

2. Then there is the thought that if the politicians aren’t in Ottawa it limits the amount of damage they can do. Keep them at home where their constituents can keep an eye on them.

I’m just saying….


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