The key to freedom

Why Switzerland has the lowest crime rate in the world


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2 Responses to “The key to freedom”

  1. Gary Mauser Says:

    Marc Heim is a good guy. He and ProTell are involved in the WFSA. Despite the progressive orthodoxy in Europe, cultural conservatives are still strong.

    Due to the widespread fear of Nazism, Europeans have branded any political movement on the right as fascist and racist. This is simplistic and often wrong

    The conservatives in Switzerland are showing leadership in an overly bureaucratic and flaccid Europe.

  2. Othmar Says:

    I am a Swiss, living in Canada, and I am proud to be a conservative, like my father and his father before him and all the way back to the founding fathers of our great nation. It pains me to see that the globalists, the U.N. and E.U., try to align Switzerland with the rest of the word with the help of liberal Swiss traitors.

    More power to good upright Swiss like Marc Heim and the goon man and women of ProTell. If maintaining freedom and liberty is considered fascist and racism, then I am gladly a fascist and racist.

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