Trends in Homicide Rates in Canada

The following graph is courtesy of Dr. Gary Mauser from his research. It tells a tale.



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5 Responses to “Trends in Homicide Rates in Canada”

  1. Gary Mauser Says:

    Clearly, Bill C-68 did not have a recognizable influence on the homicide rate, and equally obviously the youth homicide problem is out of control.

    What is even more interesting is to compare the Canadian homicide rate trend with the that in the US: the US rates have dropped more than ours have over the same time period.

    Gun control — either restrictive like ours or more permissive like the US — has marginal — if real — effects. At the least, it is clear that the ‘shall issue’ concealed carry laws have not increased homicide rates. Lott has shown with high level econometrics that they have decreased the homicide rate.

    But the driving forces of criminal violence are sociological — and economic, mostly due to drugs. Laws pale in comparison.

  2. David Poulain Says:

    I am a member in good standing of the local handgun club. I have a 20 acre forested property in rural Canada, 3000 feet deep x 300 feet wide. It is bordered on both sides by forested property from whom I have written permission from the owners of said property to carry a firearm or hunt if I wish to. I have hunters on my property discharging what I refer to as Elephant Guns at white-tailed-deer with impunity. However, If I want to discharge a .22 calibre pistol on my own property I have to constuct an “Approved Range”. Have you heard of anything more ridiculous?

  3. Crystal Palina Says:

    Right now, I’m doing a school civics project on the uselessness of the gun registry
    This is great stats and goes to show how useless the registry is
    Thank god the conservatives are going to scrap it.

  4. Lashawn Says:

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