Troubleshooting with Shaw Cable

It’s not just Shaw Cable. I have had the same problem with Telus and other organizations that have call centres for their service work. It just seem to me that they hire people to man the lines, give them some basic knowledge and then turn them loose on their unsuspecting customers. And if they can’t solve your problem using the few tricks they’ve been shown, they simply try to find a way to bullshit you off the phone. Perhaps a little harsh, but here’s my story.

We bought a new flat screen TV and decided to also buy a PVR unit from Shaw (marked down $150 from the original price of $650) which would upgrade us to HD and also give all of the recording advantages that go along with the unit.

To make a long story short, when I hooked it up to the TV and called Shaw they couldn’t get it to work. (One of the reps I talked to said she was going to “force” a signal through, which I thought was interesting technical terminology). It was decided that the signal into the our unit was too weak (this turned out to be the case) and booked me for a technician’s visit. The best we could negotiate was a time about 10 days down the road. Fine.

When the anticipated day arrived, so did the technician. Good guy. Weak signal, which he was able to fix. We checked the HD channels and they were all there. The problem was solved, or so we thought. But we made the fatal error of not checking all of the other channels.

After the tech left I found that almost all of the lower channels showed up as unsubscribed. It was weird in that between channels 3 & 50 I was only receiving channels 4, 5 and 30 and was also missing Fox news on the digital end (which I assumed could have been part of a far left conspiracy).

Called Shaw again and was told that they would try to get the technician back, but after a few hours had passed and no tech, I called again. Nope, the technician couldn’t come back today – hadn’t anyone called me? This new service rep tried all of the resetting again to no avail and said that she would book another appointment with a technician, but it would be a while.

And I said – “This is not satisfactory. If I don’t have a technician here by tomorrow, I am bringing back the PVR for a refund and I going to look at satellite systems”. And she said, “Let’s not be hasty, let me go and check something”.

Shortly thereafter I had all of my channels back. Turns out – according to the rep – the channel codes were wrong and they had to be manually inputted. I’ll accept that explanation, but I was pretty damned sure that the problem I was having wasn’t at my end and if the technician had shown up another week down the road he would have just phoned the Shaw office and told them to fix it.

It was a day of high stress levels.

I have tagged this posting under “humour” as I am sure that some day I will see it as such.


6 Responses to “Troubleshooting with Shaw Cable”

  1. Marnie Says:

    Well Uncle, Christian spent 45 minutes on hold while I was out tonight, only to be told they wouldn’t help him because he didn’t know the amount of last month’s bill. He explained that I handled all that and asked for another question about the account but was told they have only one question. I don’t know what fraud the guy thought could be committed by activating a cable terminal–did he think someone had broken into my house to illicitly install a $500 PVR against my wishes?? Christian asked if he could possibly activate it online and was given directions to a website. Great. Except it didn’t work. Back on hold, only 10 minutes this time, and he’s been on the phone with the guy for another 15. Interestingly this fellow didn’t need any security question asked at all. And it sounds like they might actually be wrapping up. But you would think we were attempting to split the atom, not activate a simple box.

  2. Samantha Says:

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  3. Jim Maguire Says:

    I am unable to delete a priously viewed recording. Did an “unprotect” in the event the protect button was accidently hit, no success. I briefly recorded another program stopped recording and did a “delete all” , only this brief recording was deleted. Can you recommend a solution?

    • totalrecoil Says:

      Sorry. I’m not a Shaw technician, although I sympathize. Calling Shaw to clear a problem (or any other company with a call centre) is a frustrating process. Anyway, not being able to delete a recorded program isn’t anything that we have run into.

  4. Deb Says:

    I am curious if anyone has had this problem and might know how I can solve it myself without calling Shaw. Recently my TV is very slow to respond to my remote control. When I push the guide button to see the menu – it takes 5 or 8 seconds to come up on the screen. And is also slow to scroll down or page down the menu. The same goes for all the different buttons – last button -settings button (to go into PVR) -or go down the list of recorded shows etc. I put in new batteries and I went through my DVR recordings and deleted a lot to reduce it from 51% full to 36% full, but it had no effect.
    My next step, I guess, is to phone Shaw and sit on hold for how ever long it takes and hope they can explain the problem. Unless someone has had this happen to them and knows how to fix it.

  5. Mary McQuarrie Says:

    i live in yyc ans require a home visit from shaw for t.v. problems, have never asked for help . in want to set up an home visit asap. i am an amputee in a wheel chair need help soon i hope mary McQuarrie by thr by if someone can find site i have to go to sen\d thos to that department that in require and much appreciated

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