Corner Gas: The Sign is Down

When I was traveling through Saskatchewan this spring, I drove through the town of Rouleau; the home of the TV program Corner Gas. I always got a kick out of seeing the Gas Station and Ruby’s Cafe there along the side of the highway. Also the old elevator across the road with town identification of Dog River rather than Rouleau, which apparently confused the odd tourist passing through.

Of course Corner Gas completed its final season last year and is no more. The movie prop is still there but sadly changed. The signs are down and it sits like any other abandoned building.

Corner Gas final 02

Rather sad and lonely looking.

But the elevator still said Dog River!


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2 Responses to “Corner Gas: The Sign is Down”

  1. matt Says:

    i love the corner gas because i watch all the seasons but now they took them sing down and now i am sad

  2. matt Says:

    i want to no ware the corner gas is and the rubby beuause i want to go eat but i seen the image and i will not come now i an very up set but i hope the seasons will go on for every by corner gas and the rubby sad sad sad sad sad

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