A Canada Day Gift From Premier Gordon Campbell

B.C. received its long awaited Canada Day gift from Premier Campbell today: An additional 1.2 cent per litre tax on gasoline. Today – July 1st – gas at the pumps jumped from $1.059 to $1.072 per litre, the extra penny – I presume – being GST.

All this supposedly done to reduce B.C.’s carbon footprint.

But what a crock. As I see it, it is just another way to get the government’s hand deeper into my pocket and as for it being a tax neutral system, that certainly remains to be seen. This money is going directly into the black hole of general revenue and once government has your money in hand, they are notoriously stingy about giving any of it back.

I like this from the Canadian Taxpayers’ Federation:

People pay taxes so government can provide essential services, not to be manipulated in some social engineering experiment. Heating our homes and driving our cars are already expensive enough. It’s time for government to eliminate the carbon tax and stop creating more worries for families who are already concerned about jobs, the economy and their future wellbeing.

So thanks again Premier Campbell for the gift that keeps on giving.


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2 Responses to “A Canada Day Gift From Premier Gordon Campbell”

  1. Gary Says:

    That is appropriate: each year Canada increases taxes on Canada Day.

    I for one will drive my politically incorrect gas guzzler to Washington State more often to fill up where gas is cheaper.

    Why do we tolerate such terrible political parties? The NDP is even worse than the BC Liberals.

  2. Timothy Says:

    I don’t want anything from Gordon Campbell and he is not my premier. Tell him to get another muck shot!!

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