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Hunting the elusive black bear

June 2, 2009

Was out hunting black bear this weekend and did a detailed and comprehensive inventory, which has led me to the determination that black bears are extinct in British Columbia. Truly a tragic situation as who would have thought that the ubiquitous black bear would go the way of the Dodo bird. We did find some fossil bear poop, probably from the Pleistocene which we should have collected for scientific study but had a beverage instead.

However, on the upside we did see 7 mule deer does which would be of some concern except for the fact that I had 2 mule deer bucks come through my yard the other day, so if we can find some way to connect them up we may still save that species.

We didn’t see a lot of other species which means they could be extinct as well. Damned global warming.

Bereft of bears To further verify my analysis of the black bear population note the lack of bears on the      road.

Spring bear hunt 2009 006

My open-air transportation: Honda 90 Trail (circa 1972).

Also saw 1/2 curl California bighorn ram feeding along the side of the road totally oblivious to the vehicle traffic.

Spring bear hunt 2009