Travelling east to Saskatchewan

Traveling to the Eastern provinces. Alberta today and then on to Saskatchewan.

I left the Okanagan this morning wearing shorts and sandals and have just about succumbed to frost bite. Well, not quite that bad but damned cool, even at my first stop in Grand Forks. Living in the Okanagan it is easy to forget that the weather outside of the valley isn’t always comparable. Should have checked the weather channel before leaving.

I am proceeding via Lethbridge this trip rather than my usual route through Calgary so I took Highway 3 across the southern part of the province. It is really a beautiful trip and pretty light in traffic, at least today.

I had thought about staying in Blairmore, Alberta overnight and golfing at the Crowsnest Pass Golf & Country Club there on Monday morning but was dissuaded from doing that when they told me in the pro shop that they expected snow over night and a high of 7 degrees C in the afternoon. But they gave me a cart and told me to take a drive around the course anyway and look at it, which was extremely hospitable.

Too bad the weather was shoddy as I would have liked to have played there. It looked like a tough course, especially so for a first time player.

With the Blairmore option gone,I continued on the Lethbridge for the night and will have breakfast with an old friend in the morning. Maybe try to play a course somewhere tomorrow, enroute.


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