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Intelligent Design and the human body

May 25, 2009

After deep study I have come to the semi-scientific conclusion that Intelligent Design is a fallacy. I base this conclusion on the ongoing study I have done of my body and the shocking discovery that the design is shoddy. Bad back, bad knees, loss of hair where you need it and growth of same where you don’t. Surely if an ultimate being had designed humankind¬† it would have been possible to build a better model.

Maybe teeth that would re-grow as the old ones wore out? No migration of the hair from the head to the ears? Possibly mental improvement rather than mental decline as we get older? Would that be too much to ask from intelligent design?

If (as they claim) it is entirely possible to extend life to 150 years what’s the point if the body is set to collapse by the time you reach your 80s. Were we purposely designed for planned obsolescence? Which I suppose could be part of intelligent design, but then what would be the point of making us smart enough to extend our life span if we end up for the last fifty years or so sitting in some dreary nursing home wondering who we were. Possibly we are simply a prototype?

Then again we haven’t done too well with evolution either. Granted we learned to walk upright and lost a lot of body hair in the process, learned to vocalize and went from drumming on a hollow logs to piano concertos. But what has it done for us lately? It seems that the process has stalled out. This is disappointing seeing as new studies indicate that birds can evolve to changing conditions over short periods of time. Where did man go wrong?

Or – maybe as in the final episode of St. Elsewhere we are simply a figment of an autistic child’s imagination. That would simplify things.

So many questions and so few answers. Slow night.

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