Different times: Simpler Times

I need to qualify these comments by saying that every incident that the police get caught up in is unique and judgments are made based on a lot of factors. In this case a spouse was involved and the man was an unknown factor.  It became a major manhunt.

Keremeos RCMP Detachment summoned and coordinated resources from neighboring detachments and units, including Oliver/Osoyoos and Princeton Detachments, South Okanagan Traffic Services, Integrated Border Enforcement Team, two Penticton Police Dog Services units, Princeton RCMP and South East District Air Services Helicopter Air 4 in order to conduct extensive patrols of the area. Approximately 15 officers combed the Ashnola area West of Keremeos near the Cathedral Lakes Provincial Campgrounds, shutting down Ashnola Road to ensure the safety of persons in the area.

It just reminded me of a situation many years ago in Watson Lake in the Yukon where a local trapper got into a confrontation in the local bar and went back to his cabin outside of town telling everyone if the local RCMP constable came after him he would shoot him. Of course this got reported to the officer, who was expected to charge out there and take the trapper into custody. But he didn’t, explaining that if he did that he just might provoke a tragic incident and that the trapper was of no danger to anyone back in his cabin. The next morning the constable went out to the cabin and arrested the trapper, now sober, hungover and in a different frame of mind. What could have been a serious incident was just a routine bit of police work.

Again, certainly not to say in any way that the Keremeos incident could have (or should have) been handled any differently than it was, and in Watson Lake it was a small northern community where the local RCMP officer knew his constituency personally. But I wonder if the Watson Lake incident was to happen today whether it would be handled in such a low key manner, or whether the ERT would be flown in from wherever and it would be a major news event .

Simpler times.


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One Response to “Different times: Simpler Times”

  1. Gary Says:

    I wonder if it is Christian references that stimulate responses? So if I mention abortion, Jesus, or Darwin evolution will there be another response?

    Not that this has anything to do with John’s post. But that doesn’t appear to retard irrelevant comments to any other blog either.

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