Ottawa police officer assaults cabbie

While we’re on the subject of police, this incident in Ottawa is really disturbing.

Ontario’s Special Investigations Unit has taken up the case of an off-duty Ottawa police officer who is alleged to have assaulted an Airport Taxi driver Monday afternoon. The taxi driver’s wrist was fractured in two places and his right index finger was also broken in the incident.

The officer has been relegated to supervised desk work for the course of the SIU investigation.


Sami Aldoboni, 43, said an aggressive male driver in a grey-coloured Nissan Xterra SUV tailgated him for nine kilometres as he travelled southbound on the Airport Parkway on his way back to the airport around 4 p.m. He said the man tried to overtake him on the single-lane road, and then became visibly angry when he could not.

Aldoboni said the man followed him from Brookfield Road all the way into the taxi drivers’ parking lot a short distance from the terminal, and when both men got out of their cars, Aldoboni said the man shouted racial insults at him, shoved him to the ground and proceeded to beat him before other taxi drivers intervened.

Mo Atiya, a 24-year-old driver who was the first to intervene, said the man applied a “tactical arm lock,” which appeared to break Aldoboni’s wrist. Atiya said when he confronted the man, the man showed him a police ID card.

Several witnesses to the incident said when uniformed police officers arrived, the man showed two officers what appeared to be an ID card. The police officers did not handcuff the man, and several witnesses said the officers handed him their pen and notepad and he appeared to be writing his own statement. The uniformed officers eventually got into the backseat of the man’s SUV and he drove out of the parking lot, several witnesses said.

It will be interesting to see if this investigation sees the light of day or whether it will be kept below the public radar by the police investigating unit.

It was pretty sad to see an official police spokesman on TV defending the officer and saying that he knew him personally and that he was a decent person. Especially after the guy just finished breaking the cabbie’s finger and his arm in two places.

Steve Boucher, president of the police officers’ association, said his union will be making sure a fair investigation is conducted.

“But in the interim, he’s a member of ours, he’s a very good individual and I stand behind him and support him through this process.”

Boucher would not reveal the officers’ identity, but he said he has a good service record.

Maybe so, but if he’s one of their nice guys, I sure wouldn’t want to annoy one of their nastier officers.

If it had been a civilian who had done this he would have been arrested and cuffed by the attending police officers. The law apparently doesn’t work the same way for police officers who cross the line.

It is an unfortunate situation that pedophiles gravitate to organizations that deal with children and bullies and individuals with thuggish tendencies like the environment within a police force where the uniform gives them power.

Maybe there were other forces at work here that caused this police officer to act the way he did, but the arrogance shown by beating up on this cabbie and then flashing his badge as though that vindicated his actions leave the taste that this was simple thuggery.

What are the odds that he’ll be back on the street in short order.


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3 Responses to “Ottawa police officer assaults cabbie”

  1. Witness Says:

    I didn’t see the actual assault but showed up the same time the police did.You should have seen the smirk on this crackhead as he kept glaring at all the cab drivers from behind his fellow officers.While the assaulted cabbie was laying in agony clutching his hand the police who showed up were yelling at the other drivers “who called 911” “who called 911”. This was intimidating to some drivers and drove them off just like the officers wanted, so there would be no real witnesses left when they actually got around to taking statements.Like the injured driver wasnt as important as who was the driver who called 911. Who cares who called 911 there is a man laying with broken bones and there is at least 15 to 20 witnesses who are telling that man attacked this man. It was quite the spectacle ,disgusting. You the people of ottawa should be scared this could happen to you. Just because this guy showed ID that he was a cop he was treated like a V.I.P not as an assaliant is asaully treated by police. If I had follwed you 10 kilometers to your place of work and assaulted you infront of 20 of your co-workers rest assured I would have been hadcuffed, Pepper sprayed,and probably tasered just incase.Also I wuold be in a jail cell awaiting trial. This will make me think twice about calling 911 if I’m about to get assaulted. I’m probably better off to deal with it my self whatever the outcome may be.

  2. Ross Iliev Says:

    I was assaulted by an off duty officer in front of Loblaws on Terry Fox and 417. I had parked on the handycap parking space for a quick stop.(Saturday at 5 pm.- full parking)
    I was approached by a man, yelling and swearing, telling me that I do not look like a handicap. I asked who he is and he showed his badge. I told him to write be a ticket and turn my back at him. He swore at me and left.
    On my way out I saw him behind my car with his foot on the bumper
    I got into my car and started the engine. He did not move. He had no right to keep me there for any reason. I pulled back slowly and he started pounding on my window with anger screams.
    I came out of the car , went back and told him to get a life. He punched me several times in the face without saying a word. It was a total surprise. I stepped back. He charged again and I told him I will sue him for he is worth. He continued to hit me in the face right in front of the main door with more then 20 spectators. I was stepping back all the time
    and defending myself dodging the hits. It went on for more then couple of minutes until he grabbed me and tore my shirt and broke my glasses.
    I have had enough and I punched him with all I have got. He felt on his back and people came to stop the fight. He got up and charged again but to no avail. I went to my car and changed my shirt (It was summer and I was going to a wedding with a pool party) He was on the phone when I
    took my camera and photographed his already swollen face.
    The police showed up and of coarse I was arrested and charged with assault on a peace officer. He was driven home by the other female police officer because his wife did not wait. ( I heard them talk)
    To make the long story short I paid $3000.00 cash and it all disappeared
    My charges were dropped like it never happened. If I really was at fault do you think they would let me go like that?
    I am totally shocked to find out that this could happen in Canada.
    IT DOES ! I have a photo of this ” officer” It could be the same one!
    Let me know!

  3. James Says:

    With their corruption and racism, Ottawa police are scary and out of control.

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