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Another over reaction to a tragedy: This time in Germany

May 9, 2009

We have now come to expect that every time some disturbed individual does harm with a firearm, legislators will to go sideways in a desperate attempt to try and convince their constituents that they can pass some irrelevant laws that will guarantee the public’s safety.

Now it is Germany, where a 17 year old took a handgun from his father and proceeded to kill 15 people at his school.

The government’s reaction?

  1. Ban paintball games because the the sport “stimulates killing”.
  2. Bar youths under the age of 18 from shooting high-power firearms for target practice.
  3. Give police the power to inspect private residences to check on firearm storage.
  4. An electronic registry.
  5. Legislate (eventually) biometric security systems so that firearms can only be used by their rightful owners

Germany already has quite severe gun laws but how these new proposed measures will make anyone in Germany any safer is way beyond my understanding.

Of course the answer is that they won’t make a whit of difference but the politicians will play the old game of passing useless laws in the hope that the public and the news media accepts their bullshit at face value and asks no hard questions. So why would we expect Germany to be any different than anywhere else?

Before they proceed, they really should come and look at Canada’s experience before they begin to institute a firearms registry.