MP Garry Breitkreuz: A man of integrity

I am attending the Canadian Shooting Sports AGM in Mississauga this weekend where Yorkton-Melville Conservative MP Garry Breitkreuz  was the featured speaker at the Saturday evening banquet.

Breitkreuz spoke about how when Kim Campbell brought in her firearms bill, C-17, he was originally in favour of the legislation because he believed what he was being told; that the bill would improve public safety across the country. But then he went to a riding meeting one night, with weather in the -30 degree Celsius range and found the hall full of his constituents who were concerned about the ramifications of the bill and they tasked him to go back to Ottawa and research it and determine the truth.

Garry took this message and went back to Ottawa and with his assistant of the time, Dennis Young, they did research on Bill C-17 and found that his constituents were right: It was bad legislation and did not do what the government said it was supposed to do. It was a political lie. A revelation to a green MP.

When the Chretien Liberals came forth with Bill C-68, a punitive piece of legislation that took the control of guns and gun owners to a new level, Breitkreuz and his staff were well prepared to continue the fight.

Since those days Breitkreuz has stayed true to his principles.

Garry Breitkreuz now has a private member’s bill, C-301, which has passed first reading and which would eliminate the federal long gun registry, among other things. It is a good, intelligently written piece of legislation, and one that should be supported by at least every MP that represents a rural riding and in actuality, every MP that hasn’t been compromised by the misinformation and outright lies that opponents of the bill have disseminated.

But then Breitkreuz was blindsided by competing legislation that his own party leader placed before the Senate, Bill S-5, which purports to eliminate the long gun registry but in fact will devolve it to 12 provincial/territorial registries (Nunavut is exempt from the registry). So the government can proclaim that they have eliminated the long gun registry while simply moving it to the provinces and territories. This also enables them to give Quebec what it has been pushing for; its own provincial firearms registry.  Integrity does not emanate from the PMO.

Opponents have tried to attack Bill C-301, saying that it would impact public safety. This is simply not the truth. But it did spook the PMO which told Breitkreuz he was not to attend the CSSA AGM and that he had to amend Bill C-301 to remove all of the non-registry items.

Breitkreuz originally  acquiesced to these demands but when the PMO had Bill S-5 tabled in the Senate it became apparent that the Prime Minister was reneging on his Party’s policy and on statements he had made in the past against Bill C-68 when the Liberals pushed it through the House. At that point he decided that he would not amend the Bill as he had previously stated and that he would attend and speak to the CSSA AGM.

Which brings me back to the main point of this blog before I ranted myself off topic.

Breitkreuz gave an honest and passionate speech about integrity and veracity in politics and spoke of other members of his caucus who are dedicated and concerned and he gave me some hope that all is not lost in Ottawa. It was an inspirational speech that was met with enthusiasm by the attendees at the supper.

Maybe good enough to make me actually consider voting in the next federal election. We’ll wait and see.


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5 Responses to “MP Garry Breitkreuz: A man of integrity”

  1. Gary Says:

    Garry Breitkreuz is a real Canadian hero. I wish more politicians were like him.

    I’m left with a question, however: how do we convince urban Canadians that C301 really is a step in the right direction? That it reduces costs without risking public safety?

    Politicians need to win in Toronto to hold onto power in Ottawa. If C301 puts that at risk, no rational politician could support it.

  2. Joe Gingrich Says:

    Firearms Policy
    A Conservative Government will repeal Canada’s costly gun registry legislation and work with the provinces and territories on cost-effective gun control programs designed to keep guns out of the hands of criminals while respecting the rights of law-abiding Canadians to own and use firearms responsibly. Measures will include: mandatory minimum sentences for the criminal use of firearms; strict monitoring of high-risk individuals; crackdown on the smuggling; safe storage provisions; firearms safety training; a certification screening system for all those wishing to acquire firearms legally; and putting more law enforcement officers on our streets. [ ]

    Please note that there are no provisions for a firearms owners’ registry or even a firearms registry within the Conservative Party of Canada’s policy. The Conservatives pledged a screening system, not lists of law-abiding citizens and their property constantly monitored by our police, as in C-68. The truth is neither Breitkreuz’ Bill C-301 nor the PMO’s Bill S-5 will deliver the Conservative Party Firearms’ Policy to Canadians. It’s an example of “property rights” oriented politicians chasing their tails while their police routinely seize firearms owners’ property and put them into jail. It’s certainly time to remove your rosey colored glasses.

  3. Latte Sipper Says:

    “not lists of law-abiding citizens and their property”

    I love how gun nuts are so careful to call their arsenals “property.” Like the government wants to seize their dishwashers, their jewellery and their flat-screen teevees along with their deadly weapons.

    If you people didn’t sound so Orwellian all the time, the rest of us wouldn’t think you’re all not worth listening to at all.

  4. Gun Nut Says:

    And if you anti-gun extremists weren’t so careful to call our property “arsenals”, and weren’t so quick to try and confiscate them, we wouldn’t have to be so “Orwellian”…

  5. Dave Says:

    The real question is with an older generation out numbering the younger so badly in the country everywhere, matched with a large sum of younger persons who are not exactly taking the reins of the older generation it leaves a question of the future on exactly what will happen to government if not enough young people start learning and taking over so the older generation can retire, would it not be safe to say that if gary wanted to retire in the next 10 years it would be good for him to have someone young to learn from him and take his place for his region. that would mean that person would have the morals similar to gary, but with actual experience from him as well?

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