Ghost Creek Golf Course at Pumpkin Ridge

I played the Ghost Creek golf course a few days ago at Pumpkin Ridge, just east of Portland, Ore. The Ghost Creek course is the public access course at the Pumpkin Ridge site, the other being Witches Hollow which is a private members’ course.

I lucked out an got a pretty decent day to play for this time of the year, meaning it didn’t rain while I was out on the course. I also got in the last day of the winter rates, $50 US. The next day – April 1st – the rates jumped to $90 a round. Good planning on my part.

The only problem with golfing there this time of the year is that the course is pretty wet and soft, although the greens were surprisingly swift.

I had read about Pumpkin Ridge since it opened in 1992 and had wanted to play the Ghost Creek course since that time. It has also had a number of important tournaments played on site, so it has developed a reputation.

It is a nice course, quite walkable and quite pretty and well treed but it didn’t  leave me wanting to come back first chance and play it again.

Maybe I was expecting too much or maybe we are just spoiled in British Columbia with so many really good-looking and well designed courses that we need something really spectacular (or different) to stand out. Then again, maybe if I had been playing better the course would have given me a more favourable impression. Funny how that works.

As a final qualification to my opinion, I have found that when you get to play a course a 2nd, 3rd or 4th time you begin to see things about it that were outside your consciousness the first time around. I suspect that Ghost Creek might fit into that category. Play it on a sunny day, with the course in firm condition and the clubs working reasonably well and it might elicit a totally different mind set.

But for the $50 fee it was good value and the course was virtually empty – I only saw one other golfer on the course – a lone walker like me playing a hole or two behind me.


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