Tiger on the comeback trail

A tie for 9th place and two weekend 68s at the WGC-CA tournament would indicate to me that Woods is on target to be a factor at the Masters.

One thing that went sideways for some of the commentators was the hype that Tiger could be knocked out of his place as the number 1 ranked golfer – provided Sergio Garcia won the WGC-CA and Tiger placed something like 27th or lower. Unfortunately Tiger and Sergio didn’t co-operate, with Tiger placing in the top 10 and Sergio tied for 31st. So much for that drama.

Watching the WGC-CA it was apparent that even if Tiger isn’t in contention, the Masters has the potential to be compelling with Mickelsen playing well and Villegas and McIlroy looking good – even though McIlroy did fade on the weekend at Doral.

There is a lot of great talent on the tour these days. It will be interesting to see if Woods can maintain his intimidation factor.


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