Charles Barkley swings

Last week I watched the first episode of The Haney Project on the Golf Channel.

The premise of the series sounds like a bit of a yawn with swing guru Hank Haney working with Charles Barkley in an attempt to resurrect Barkley’s golf swing. Now anyone who watches much golf on TV has seen clips of Barkley’s bizarre golf swing and resurrection is probably the operative word and someone certainly needs to help him out.  But a TV series?

As it turns out, I found the first show quite entertaining, in no small part due to Barkley himself who is a naturally very funny man.

Barkley at one time was a pretty decent golfer but his mind took over from his body and the contortions that he puts his body through in order to get the club head to the ball are astounding. And funny to a point until you watch it enough times and then it starts to get sad.

So I’ll be watching again this coming Monday to see if Sir Charles maintains his sense of humour and if a televised golf lesson can hold my attention for weeks on end.

Part of the fascination may be to see if Barkley can take a new and improved swing from the practice range to the golf course. Most golfers know how tough that is.

Go Charles!


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