Edmonton Mayor calls for a ban on large knives

Just when I thought that Toronto’s Mayor David Miller had a lock on bone-headedness with his calls for a total ban on privately owned handguns and the closure of approved shooting ranges as his official effort to stop gang crime in his city, we get Edmonton Mayor Stephen Mandel wanting a ban on large knives because of stabbing incidents in his bailiwick.

I guess this compares in brilliance to the Brits talking about banning “pointy knives”.

Do any of these people even try to put their brains in gear before they start moving their lips? Do they really think that these knee jerk reactions that they propose as legislation would really stop those people so inclined from performing violence on one another?

I think that I’ve probably said it before, but didn’t Cain kill Abel Sampson kill 1000 men with the jawbone of an ass? Now I’m beginning to wonder if it was a jawbone from a donkey or a deceased politician. (Oh, I know that there are some good ones out there, but there are enough turkeys spouting off in the media that they make them all suspect).

Anyway, the point is that if you want to inflict a fatality on someone there are as many ways to do it as you can possibly imagine. Whether it is a firearm, a large knife or a small knife, a baseball bat, a pointy stick or even the jawbone of an ass.

But we seem to get stuck with too many of these dickheads who feel they must impress the masses with their shallow and  intellectually challenged solutions to crime and violence while they totally ignore the root causes, presumably because they have no fricking idea of how to deal with the real issues.

And if I sound a bit snarly on this issue, it’s simply that I am fed up to my eyebrow level with these mental midgets who think the solution to the problems of crime and violence in the community is to put further restrictions on the law-abiding citizen all the while trying to convince the public that in some magical way it will deter the criminal element.

It’s always worked so well in the past, hasn’t it?


Thanks to the commenter who kindly pointed out that it was Sampson that wielded the jawbone of an ass with such deadly effect and not Cain committing fratricide. So much for long repressed youthful sunday school memories.  The only thing that stuck with me about Sampson was the haircut.


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One Response to “Edmonton Mayor calls for a ban on large knives”

  1. bluntobject Says:


    I don’t remember Edmonton being quite that stupid when I left.

    (Incidentally, a little casual research suggests that Cain slew Abel by unspecified means, but Samson “slew a thousand men” with the jawbone of an ass — Judges 15:15. Clearly a dangerous weapon that must be tightly regulated, right?)

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