I keep telling you: It’s not the tools

Blunt Object states the obvious – which unfortunately is not that obvious to the CBC. Plus a little reporting inventiveness.

Oh, yes, those dreaded firearms.  I find it in particularly poor taste that the CBC keeps harping on teh ebil gunz, when their own statistics show that plenty of people have been killed by attackers using other weapons.  If someone stabs me to death with a rusty screwdriver, is my death somehow less tragic to my friends and family because I wasn’t shot?

And once again, this zomg teh gunz attitude is somewhat less than perfectly supported by what people are actually saying.  CBC’s anonymous reporter writes:

Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson said he wants to see a co-ordinated approach by police forces to curb the increasing gun violence.

(Emphasis added.)

Gregor Robertson actually said:

“How many killings does it have to take before we deal with gangs as a metro police force?”

(Emphasis added.)

I submit that we’ll do better if we keep an eye on the human agents who’re off killing each other, rather than on the tools they happen to use to do so.

(Anyway, how could this possibly be happening here? Our gun laws are almost as strict as, um… Chicago’s.  Nevermind.)


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