Where the trouble lies

All of our major cities in North America are experiencing gang related violence, most of it with drug dealers shooting at each other. When one of these shootings takes place the media is more than likely to make it seem that you are risking your life if you even stick your nose outside your front door.

What the media rarely tells you – in the name of political correctness – is that much of this violence occurs in specific areas. Which is good for most of the residents in the city but not so good for those who must live in those areas.

But the politicians with the help of the media avoid pointing this out and in effect keep the general populace in a state of anxiety because (I think):

  1. They can use it to push through a political agenda.
  2. It would be politically incorrect to point out the fact that these localized areas within the confines of the city generate most of the gang violence.

Gunlaws.com has some similar thoughts on this matter.

Homicide in America has demographic, geographic, social and economic factors which, if acknowledged and openly discussed, would tranform the debate, and place blame where it really belongs: on the causes and people that fuel the violence we hear about (but rarely actually see for ourselves, except on TV “news”) .

The real blame is hidden, because the truth is so painful. Crime is not spread across the streets of America. Crime, and crime using guns, happens in isolated areas for well known reasons the media and politicans hide from you.

The site also shows some demographics that the Baltimore Sun published which shows visually where the violence in that city occurs. I’m sure the result was an eye opener for the Sun’s readers and probably not too popular with the city fathers.

There is no question that Toronto would show similar demographics and it would be interesting to see it applied to other Canadian cities.

I suspect it is not likely that we will see that information any time in the near future.



3 Responses to “Where the trouble lies”

  1. bluntobject Says:

    I notice that CBC BC have relegated their map of 2009 homicides to the occasional “related stories” tab, and I can’t even find their “2008 Vancouver shootings” map any more. Can’t have people noticing a correlation between “where people get shot” and “where gangs hang out”, can we? That wouldn’t be sufficiently scary.

    Another thing: front-page news is front-page news because it’s unusual. A tit-for-tat series of retaliatory shootings that would make (are making?) headlines for a month in Vancouver probably wouldn’t even make the front section in, say, Milwaukee.

  2. ubthejudge Says:

    In the name of “Political Correctness” – and then “no specifics” can further be made in regards to these gangs, shootings, muggings, violence, stabbings, robberies, etc. etc. So if the media, or people in general, state the specifics of a case, then we are not being “Politically Correct” and instantly tagged as racist, narrow-minded, generalizing……

    I comment on this since, I live in Western Canada, and although others’ comments in this blog refers to gang-related activity in Toronto and Vancouver, Saskatchewan’s cities of Regina and Saskatoon, followed by Winnipeg, lead the country in almost ALL criminal activity on a per-capita basis, and have for several years. Ranging in crimes including murder, car-thefts, break-and-enters of homes, businesses, street muggings and robberies, etc. etc. We also have the dubious honor of having the highest rates of these crimes in the juvenile ages.

    When we hear of the “nominees from the Academy” every year, we are told by the Politically Correct that they are “not able to give the reasons for once again receiving The Oscars in a wide range of the categories”.
    Really? I CAN TELL YOU THE REASON. But we must “hush hush” these FACTS, not draw attention to the fact the the new Academy nominees have had decades of fine direction and drama classes from the generations who have gone before them. Unfortunatly, the classes are fuller and fuller every year, bringing “new categories” into the awards presentation.

    In our Western provinces of Saskatchewan and Manitoba, we have The Native Syndicate doing the grooming for the young ones. Vancouver has it’s problems with many oriental gangs. Toronto has a rash of Jamacian and Black gangs. Brooks, Alberta is totally run by the Sudanese. But, nooooo, for God’s sake, don’t say these things outloud.
    For God’s sake, let’s continue to be ostriches.

    NO. For God’s sake, it’s time to see and tell the truth for what it is.


  3. Home Page Says:

    Great. I agree.

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