When Tiger Woods returns to golf

Tiger Woods’ return to the competitive golf scene is generating a bit of speculation. Originally it was thought that he would make his 2009 debut at the Masters in April. Now there is speculation that he will return the end of February to play in the WGC-Accenture match play.

Of course the real question is if he will come back on the tour with his old form intact.Most of the golf commentators seem to think that he will; their opinion based mostly on the fact that “it’s Tiger”.

There is no question that Woods is a highly motivated, intensely focused individual. His performance in winning the 2008 U.S. Open was an astounding effort. But I wonder if even Tiger can step back into the arena after an eight or nine month layoff, suppress any wayward thoughts of possibly re-injuring his leg and continue his domination right where he left off.

My prediction is that he doesn’t come back with his A-game but then again, he “is Tiger” and he has won before without it, because for all of his brilliance he is still a magnificent grinder.

The Masters may tell the tale.


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One Response to “When Tiger Woods returns to golf”

  1. Phyllis Patton Says:

    It is all he can do. He must give it another try. I believe that while I watch him play now. I will have flashbacks of his scandal. But, the Holy Bible says we must forgive, if the person asks for forgiveness. there are all kinds of sins committed every day. No one is immune. After all, he is a master in his field. I wonder if he will stay focused. Glad he sought treatment for his illness. I wish him the best[

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