Time for the revolution

Nevada is looking at the possibility of taxing drivers based on the number of miles they drive. Just when you think you’ve seen stupid you realize that the people that you elect and the bureaucrats who advise them have the ability to take stupid to new heights.

Motorists could someday be taxed based on the number of miles they drive, not the gallons of gas they consume.

Increased fuel efficiency reduces gas tax revenue, the primary funding source for road construction and maintenance. Meanwhile, those infrastructure costs are rising.

Susan Martinovich, director of the Nevada Transportation Department, said this week that a study is under way in Washoe County to see how taxing miles driven might work.

Martinovich said vehicles would be equipped with a mechanism tracking when the car is driven, where it’s driven and how far.

“It would provide a formula to charge them when they go to the gas station” or a bill based on this formula could be sent to car owners, Martinovich said at a hearing of Senate Finance and Assembly Ways and Means committees.

So the auto makers, by improving gas efficiency in their product, have not been doing us (or more to the point, the Nevada State government) a favour.  They have cut into government’s inalienable right to suck as much money out of your pocket as possible.

There may be some problems that the tax grabbers haven’t thought out.

1. The program would work to reduce the incentive to buy fuel efficient cars which I don’t think is the national plan. (Don’t think for a moment that this will replace gas taxes: It will be an additional charge).

2. It would charge more to those driving during heavy traffic times, which would penalize those poor working stiffs who have no choice if they want to get to work in the morning or back home at night.

3. People, not being stupid, may aggressively change their driving habits and car pool more or take public transport. This would serve the agenda of those who want to reduce automobile use, but would leave the State tax department back where they started.

4. The whole scheme smells like “big brother” politics with government looking over your shoulder every minute that you are in your car and is sure to offend a large number of voters.

My advice would be to throw the whole lot of them out of office. Stay out of my house, stay out of my car, stay out of my life.


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