A bad rap

Not the post I sat down here to write, but the Ellen Degeneres TV show is on in the background and she has some rapper on as the “musical” entertainer – don’t know who he is, but he is probably semi-famous. My God, it’s bad. Probably an indication of my advanced age and early roots, but I don’t see how it qualifies as music.Actually I don’t see how it qualifies as entertainment. It’s just annoying.

I was able to move from my youth and a love of jazz and blues, up through the singers of the day, Sinatra, Crosby, Sammy D., through Rock and into country, but I’ve hit the wall. Some of this stuff that passes as popular music today really sucks.

There – I’ve said it.


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One Response to “A bad rap”

  1. decibelblog Says:

    I agree. Some of the music out today is terrible. But there is still good music out there. Unfortunately I think we’ve lost the class in music. How I envy those growing up during the 30’s and 40’s with such great music. For awhile I was opposed to rap. Now it’s kinda settled in as acceptable. Not sure if I like or if I’ve just become accustomed to it. It definitely helps to turn the bass up, but it’s not my style. I found that if I actually listened the music, it really is terrible, whereas cranking the bass and just kinda enjoying the instant gratification of feeling your body shake is kinda fun.

    ~ C.H.
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