Real hate for Joe the Plumber

Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher (AKA Joe the Plumber) is taking heat over his trip to Israel to act as a man in the street reporter for Pajamas Media.

What is interesting is the apparent hate that he has seemd to generate from some of the U.S. media. Take CNN’s Rick Sanchez’ commentary.

The other night I saw another nasty attack by Jon Stewart on the sometimes amusing Daily Show. (Couldn’t find a link).

I’m not sure I get it. Why the hate?

Wurzelbacher is reporting to an online news media operation, Pajamas Media.  Is it a challenge to the relevence of the new media? Is it payback for Joe’s impudence in challenging Obama during the election and his subsequent buildup as a minor – and short term – celebrity (by the media)?

The reason for the strong reaction really escapes me. Wurzelbacher is not a trained or polished commentator and whether he will inject any new insights into the Israel/Gaza debate is questionable and probably not even relevant. Maybe somewhere along the way he will come up with an interesting comment or viewpoint and if he doesn’t the world will continue to turn.

Maybe it’s just the old media game of building up a person to celebrity status and then chopping him back to his humble beginnings.

One thing: I am sure that Pajamas Media has no problem with the publicity.


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One Response to “Real hate for Joe the Plumber”

  1. Zach Says:

    Which is exactly why they did it, not because he would make a good reporter.

    I loathe Joe the Plumber and any other made-up celebrities, which includes most of them.

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