Calvin & Hobbes and the U.S. Auto Industry

A friend of mine just e-mailed me this old Calvin & Hobbes cartoon which I can only assume is now drifting around the internet. It is unlikely that it was aimed directly at the auto industry when it was first published, possibly a decade and a half ago, but Bill Watterson could have produced this strip yesterday and it wouldn’t have been more on target.

Calvin & Hobbes

Calvin & Hobbes

Watterson’s Calvin & Hobbes strip is, I think, the best comic strip ever done, surpassing even Pogo and Lil’ Abner.

Watterson’s philosophical ramblings through the adventures of Calvin and his stuffed tiger are just as funny and still as relevant now as they were when he drew the strip to a close at the end of 1995.

When the full 3 volume collection of the Calvin & Hobbes strip came out a few years ago I purchased a set for my library. I should have bought two of them.


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