Ironies of 2008

I don’t know if “irony” (the author’s title) is the correct term; maybe “hypocrosy” or “dishonesty” would be better words to use. But the article makes you realize how carefully and objectively you need to look at the reporting of current events.

Sarah Palin & Caroline Kennedy:

In no short order, a woman who had five kids, a 16-year political career, and a successful governorship was reduced to a white-trash hack, the mother of a promiscuous teen, as awful rumors, trafficked in by liberal professionals, swirled about her own most recent pregnancy.

The mainstream media’s narrative was thus that glibness matters, 16 years of Alaskan politics don’t quite cut it for national office, and a candidate’s personal life is fair game, as the moose-hunting ex-mayor of Wasilla and her life-story attest.


These same egalitarians in the media, however, do not seem to have a problem with Caroline Kennedy, soon perhaps to be anointed Senator from New York.

But on the basis of what? Political experience—zero.

Past elections? Zilch.

Eloquence? Nope. Ms. Kennedy drones on with “you know” and “I mean” dozens of times per minute. In comparison, Sarah Palin sounds like Demosthenes or Cicero.


A film maker, a novelist, or a comedian dreams publicly of killing George Bush—and he wins a big book contract or an arts award. A cartoonist does a sketch of a Mohammed and he faces death threats. Liberal contrarians honor the former and abandon the latter.

George W. Bush

Bush’s Texas-twang explication that he kept us safe for seven years was laughed at, especially by a suave ex-Harvard Law Review editor Barack Obama on the stump. And then what?

Are we now in February to see no more Patriot Act? At least FISA overturned? Couldn’t we shut down the Gulag Guantanamo by January 25? (as easy as getting out entirely from Iraq by “March 2008” as promised once by Obama?)

Proposition 8:

Here in California the effort to ban same-sex marriage was passed by the voting public—to the outrage of the homosexual communities. The latter immediately blamed Christian evangelicals and Mormons and those vocal opponents of homosexual marriage with strong religious affiliations. And indeed there was some merit to their angst since all these groups were openly on record, by vote and purse, against overturning centuries of tradition to elevate civil unions to the legal status of heterosexual marriage.

But both the African-American and Hispanic communities likewise voted overwhelmingly in support of Prop. 8 to ban same-sex marriages. And both groups turned out in high numbers, like gays themselves, to vote for Barack Obama.


Why then did not gay groups march through the streets of West Fresno, San Jose, or South Central LA, where such opponents are concentrated en masse and could be picketed, demonstrated against, and megaphoned for their sins?

Was it because it is more dangerous calling Latinos in Fresno barrios homophobes than screaming the same at Mormons in the upscale temple parking lot?


For all those who wish to save the UAW and “high-paying union jobs”, why not just buy American?

It is going to be interesting to watch the political commentary over the next few months just to see how it changes.

Thanks to Instapundit for the pointer.


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