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The media for Stephen Harper

October 12, 2008

Although the Conservatives are currently leading in the polls it is by a slim margin. A little hard to believe that it is so close when you see these endorsements by the media. With the exception, of course, of the Toronto Star which is Liberal to the death.

The Economist gives strong support for the Harper government.

And yet, in a sinking world, Canada is something of a cork. Its well-regulated banks are solid. Growth has slowed but not stopped. The big worry is the fear that an American recession will drag Canada down with it. Mr Harper says, rightly enough, that his government has taken prudent measures to help Canada weather a storm it cannot duck: he has offered tax cuts and selective aid to help vulnerable manufacturing towns. But it is his seeming non-reaction to what is so far a non-crisis that looks likely to deny him the majority he was seeking, and could even let in the opposition. In what is the first credit-crunch election in a big Western country, Mr Harper’s ejection would set a dispiriting precedent that panic plays better politically than prudence.

Maybe the voting public doesn’t read the papers anymore.