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Dion stumbles badly in ATV interview

October 11, 2008

ATV released a devasting interview with Stephane Dion where he seemed totally baffled by a straight-forward question explained to him twice by the moderator and once again by one of his staff members.

The moderator asked him, “If you were Prime Minister now, what would you have done about the economy and this crisis that Mr. Harper has not done”.

What was really surprising to me was that ATV actually made the decision to release the tape. Of course that stems from my belief that the media is normally heavily biased towards the Liberals. If it had been a Harper collapse I would have expected to see it on the tube. But I’ve seen it again on TV in British Columbia, so I’ll eat crow on this one.

When Dion finally got into the actual finished product he didn’t do much better. He certainly never answered the question.

Dion was obviously having a bad day.

On the Mike Duffy show which plays at the end of the second clip Liberal Geoff Regan tries to pass it off as a hearing problem. It certainly didn’t look as though that was the case.

Painful to watch.

Thanks to Small Dead Animals for the original pointer.

PS: Colby Cosh has an interesting theory on where it all went wrong.