More Canadian trashing of Sarah Palin

I am intrigued by the hate shown towards Sarah Palin, the U.S. Republican Vice President nominee. What is particularly interesting is the venom coming from Canadian sources – specifically women commentators – as if they have a particular stake in the U.S. election.

Here is one from a writer by the name of Beverly Akerman from Montreal, whose commentary is not as downright nasty and vicious as Heather Mallick‘s writings but instead is simply contemptuous and snide.

Now, most women I know have all their time taken up worrying about silly, boring stuff like how to get pregnant, how to keep from getting pregnant, how to keep our daughters from getting pregnant, how to find affordable/reliable/high-quality childcare/healthcare/eldercare, how to juggle our careers and family, how to keep a roof over our heads, etc., etc., etc. I now realize that these poor girls will always be handicapped by their small dreams, and will never amount to much because, as Sarah Palin, former beauty queen and one-time mayor of Wasilla, Alaska, demonstrates, the best way to the top is clearly over the top.


A better shot than Dick Cheney, more photogenic than either Joe Lieberman or Joe Biden, a beauty queen, a woman who looks good in a beehive, Sarah Palin has it all. She’s Dan Quayle without the gravitas, Hillary without that pesky, wrinkle-inducing experience. She is everywoman, she is any woman. She’s the Vice-President of the United States for our times.

I wonder where all of the hate comes from. Does it stem in part from the fact that Palin is a hunter and is proud that it has been part of her lifestyle? Certainly, for some, the fact that she is an NRA life member is enough to put her on their hate list. There also seems to be a mindset that since she has a young family she should be at home baking bread bread and cleaning the house. God forbid that she should be out politicking on the National scene. Plenty of time to do all that once the kids are grown up and away from home!

I would think that most of the venom comes from the Left, who so badly want to see Obama in power as U.S. President that they can’t abide anyone who might endanger that mission. And they fear that Palin is the apple that just might upset their cart.


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2 Responses to “More Canadian trashing of Sarah Palin”

  1. Sharpshooter Says:

    It’s the same bunch of broads that were so strident about “sexual harassment”, right up to the moment Bill Clinton was caught boinking interns. All of a sudden, such misconduct was “no big deal”.

    It’s the same bunch, too, that were up in arms about the abuse Muslim women endured, right up until Bush Jr. took out the Taliban and al Queida.

    IOW – a bunch of whores (in the political sense).

  2. Linda Charlene Isbell-Hart Says:

    I am so proud of “YOU” Sara. I am so disapointed that McCains insider camp who refuses to give their name and remain anonomous source. Bill O’Rielly stood up for you, because everyone is attacking you from all sides.
    I am an educator from Texas for 25 years, and I have dealt with disadvantage, handicapped, abused children who had no one to turn to. The government let them down, parents called them retarded, and their peers were so hateful, mean, and rude to them. I applaud you for having Trig and knowing what lie ahead for you and Todd and your family. I was never told that 90% of all children who would be born with a disability were aborted. I think you are the most AMAZING WOMAN I know besides my mother, who was widowed with 5 children. She went back to college became a coach and raised us all by herself. She qualified for food stamps, medicare, medicade, but she never took a die. She taught all of us to believe that through hard work, character, religious teachings that we could be someone. All five of us went to college on athletic scholarships, never got in trouble, and are now outspoken to children who come from broken homes that we can persevere any challenges that God gives us to bear. We were never ashamed of our Character, Values, Ethics, Love, and most of all proud of our mother. We were always the only family in the 60-90’s who lived in towns that had no broken homes, widowed single parents. To this day I admire my mother, my brothers, and love what you stand for.

    I am upset the back lash the cowards who try unsuccessfully try to embarass you, humiliate you, for GOD never gives us any burden that we can not bear. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Linda Charlene Isbell-Hart
    220 Circle Drive
    Point, Texas 75472

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