Sammy Davis Jr.: The greatest entertainer ever

I have just been on YouTube watching and listening to some of Sammy Davis’ performances and was once again reminded what an amazing all-round performer the man was. He was a marvelous dancer, singer and impersonator. He was a pretty good actor as well.

When I lived in Toronto for a short period in the 1950s Davis was in town,  probably playing a club. TV was live and things were much more informal and Davis showed up on CBC and did a half hour show. What was unique was that he was the only performer on stage. It was low-key, no fancy props, just a stool. He was on for the whole show; sang, danced and wonderfully, did the commercials as well. It was amazing television. There will be no tapes of the show, only memories, no matter how fleeting. I wish I could see it again.

Here he is in his prime:

And his signature song.

Others may disagree, but in my humble opinion Davis was, and is, the greatest all-round entertainer of our time. If there is a heaven and through more good luck than good management I end up there -and if Sammy Davis Jr. is performing – I want tickets.


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2 Responses to “Sammy Davis Jr.: The greatest entertainer ever”

  1. Faith Zamek Says:

    You are correct,no one approaches his multi talented persona and he did each and everything so well.Singer,dancer,actor,impersonator,drummer,he did it all.No one like this again.
    Michael was great but no one is Sammy!

  2. David Wilson Says:

    Sammy simply the greatest ever. no one could do all the things he could and at the highest possible level.end of.

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