John Edwards and the Mainstream Media

The Larry King show tonight – with Wolf Blitzer as the guest host – was beyond annoying when listening to media people explaining why they hadn’t been covering the John Edwards story until it was literally rubbed in their faces.

It seems that they were being “responsible” because it was all rumours and God forbid that they should stoop to reporting rumours. Of course their reluctance to report the story went past the time that the National Enquirer had waylaid Edwards leaving the hotel at 2:00 AM in the morning.

What makes their defence so hypocritical is that these same media types had no problem with speculating on John McCain having an affair with absolutely no proof, just innuendo.

Whether they were in the ‘protect the Democrats’ mode or just unwilling to move late on to a story that (ohmigawd) the National Enquirer broke we may never know. But I could watch TV news in a much better frame of mind if the sanctimonious bastards would just shut up, go away, and do their job.


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